Singles For Christ, is an interdenominational and cross-generational Christian Singles Ministry located in Parramatta, NSW, Australia, is now into 28 years of Ministry!

Founders, Colin and Dianne Murdoch, writes, "As we ponder for a moment or two, what has happened in the Singles Ministry over the past 28 years, it doesn't take long for the tears to well up and to intersperse the tears with a smile - flashing back to where God, as our personal Lord and Saviour, has journeyed with us.

"For through the setbacks, hurts, disappointments, frustrations, happiness, joy and sheer excitement, He has helped us navigate some very significant turning points.

For us, there have been many learning edges, and a tremendous depth and variety of exposure to the pain, suffering, heartache, devastation, guilt, unforgiveness and frailties of human beings ... Indeed, our journey with single and single again men and women, has kept us in touch with the raw edges of life, our own shortcomings, the sheer power of God's Love, and the necessity to return our focus, time and time again, to Him, the only real, enduring answer to the many complex issues, crises and ferocious storms of life."

He continues, “Despite the normal frustrations of ministry, we have been both fortunate and privileged to see many very positive highlights, as God and His people have deeply touched so many lives.

We have seen God's love move in the lives of a countless number of people, as many have tried and succeeded, in picking up the pieces of their lives.

We have seen people’s love for the Lord grow as they became more 'fair dinkum' with God; matured spiritually, ‘come alive’ and been challenged, through out workshops and home groups. Others have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

We have seen many people break the cycle of social isolation and make some wonderful, fulfilling friendships.

We have witnessed other special friendships develop and grow into marriage. We are not counting, but we personally know over 75 marriages and many cherubs (a fringe benefit for some).

We have seen many people, whose lives have been shattered following separation, divorce, the death of their partner or the breakdown of a significant long term relationship, bounce back to live a more positive, personally satisfying and enriching life.

It was great to witness and experience the birth of our Parramatta office, and how God moved in the hearts of His people to provide monies and goods.

Through our Divorce Recovery, Relationship Workshops and Singles Line Counselling Services, we have seen God move in the lives of ex-spouses (who have been hurt, angry, devastated and bitter), and remarkably bring about some fantastically positive changes in ongoing relationships.

Through our Residential Singles Happenings, held every 2 years, over the NSW/ACT October Long Weekend, we have seen and heard from people who have gained a new, more positive focus and direction for their life...      

Thousands have been inspired and touched by the Holy Spirit, after hearing Colin's Inspirational personal story of overcoming many adversities and a grave miscarriage of justice, to be used by God; as he seeks to Live with Purpose, Passion and Make A Difference in peoples lives.

We have seen the tremendous blessings which have flowed and thousands more lives touched from planting 13 other Singles Ministries in Melbourne and Sydney."

Colin concludes, "Yes, it is humbling to ponder, for a moment or two, our journey, and how God has been with us, and worked through us, two ordinary people with all our imperfections, strengths and experiences ...

He has used us, our availability for His glory and honour! And what a tremendous privilege it has been, and continues to be, as we bring the Message of God's Love, Grace, Forgiveness and Hope, to a Lost and Deeply Hurting World."  

Entering Ministry @ 21, Colin has been a Minister for some years and ministered also with Wesley Mission, Sydney, the largest Church and Christian Welfare Organisation in Australia!   



Enhancing, enabling, encouraging and enriching people's lives! "




With 51.4% of the population Single or Single Again in Australia as reported in Census 2011, churches who ignore this statistic, limit their effectiveness in fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandment! "


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