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In 1992, Colin Murdoch, 1986 Founder CEO, Senior Pastor Singles For Christ Australia, Parramatta, NSW, Australia. said: "If current trends continue, and do not stabilise, the Single Adult population in Australia, will exceed married's, sometime during the first decade of the new millennium, 2000-2010."

He continues, "In Census 1986, 42.6% of the population 15 years and over were either never married separated, divorced or widowed. This had risen in Census 1996 to 47% and in Census 2001 was moving closer to 50%!

Census 2006 confirmed our worst fears with 50.4% of the population are now Single or Formerly Married - Separated, Divorced or Widowed, and for the first time in a long, long time, outnumber married's in Australia...

Census 2011 continued the trend of Singles and Formerly Married's@ 51.4% outnumbering married couples again...

It's amazing to ponder the evangelism, outreach and ministry opportunities in the area of Single Adult Ministry...

Therefore, the Church's response to the changes taking place in Australian society is vital!"

This begs the question, "Is there a place for Singles in today's Churches?" The short answer is, "Absolutely!" However, Christian Singles well know, except for some welcome exceptions, the Church has not done a very good job of including Singles as part of its community.

Protestants have inherited the Reformation emphasis on marriage and family. The evangelical Church has traditionally been a place for the family, especially couples with children.

Lyle Schaller describes local Churches as "having many ‘doors' which newcomers can walk through to become involved in the Church. The door for couples and families may be wide open, but the door for Singles may seem shut tight, with a hand-lettered sign tacked to the door which declares, “Temporarily Closed: Come back when you are married and have two children."

Also, Gary Collins said "that when Singles turn to the Church, many find that they are unwelcome or at best tolerated by Church members who don't understand, don't know how to relate to singles, and sometimes blatantly reject unmarried people, "especially if they are divorced".

He continues, "Something is wrong with a Church that sees Single Adults as misfits, has no place in the body for unmarried people, lacks programs to meet the needs of Singles, and shows no understanding or desire to understand their struggles; especially if the Single person is separated or divorced. "

Colin Murdoch adds, "It seems strange that we spend many $Billions of dollars per annum in Australia being the Church, which includes some wonderful ministry to children, youth and families, but when these children and youth become Single Adults (whom we have invested much time, money and resources as they grow up as children or teenagers in the life of the Church), then many marry, suddenly a partner dies or a marriage breakdown occurs, the Church overall is silent, awkward and seems ill-equipped, often ignoring or unintentionally responding inappropriately to these Singles or Formerly Married's, leaving them feeling isolated or as if they have contracted a socially contagious disease."

If you wish to be part of reaching out to Single and Single Again persons and their children, impacting society for Christ beyond your wildest dreams, you want to "make a real tangible difference in tens of thousands of lives," please contact Colin on (02) 9631 3414 if you reside within Australia...

Singles for Christ is an inter-denominational Ministry to Singles and Churches...The various ministries and services aimed specifically for Single and Single Again Men and Women include:

  • Relationship Workshops
  • Social Programs
  • Divorce Recovery Workshops
  • Retreats 
  • Seminars
  • Pastoral Care
  • Newsletter
  • Singles Line Counselling Services
  • Residential Singles Happening held every 2 years for 3 nights over the NSW/ACT October long weekend.
PONDERING: " Limping Leaders typically blend strong vision with a deep dissatisfaction with the status quo."

Singles for Christ is available to Churches and Denominations to run:

  • Weekend Divorce Recovery Workshops...
  • Speak at your Church/Parish, Conferences, Seminars, Elders or Church Planning Meetings, Presbyteries, Synod or Assembly.
  • Develop a Pastoral Care Network

  • Runs a Single Adult Leadership Network for Singles Ministers and Leaders.

  • Assist in the Development of a Comprehensive Single Adult Ministry within your Church or Denomination.


"Churches which ignore that Australia, China, India, USA, England, New Zealand, to name a handful, have Single and Single Again Adult Populations over 50%, are failing miserably on a daily basis, in carrying out the Great Commission and the Great Commandment!" 

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