SINGLES FOR CHRIST AUSTRALIA has planted or been responsible for assisting 13 other Singles Ministries to commence in Sydney and Melbourne; which have assisted thousands of Single, Single Again and Formerly Married Men and Women...

Colin Murdoch - Senior Pastor is happy to assist Churches, Denominations or  Individuals Develop a Comprehensive Single Adult Ministry...

Further, Colin would warmly welcome the opportunity to Speak at your Church, Planning Meeting, Elders or Board Retreat, Singles Conference, Seminar, Singles Dinner or Special Event, Diaconate, Minister's Refreshers and Bible or Training Colleges to Ministers or Students...

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Testimonials   "Colin, your presentation was Inspirational!" San Diego USA 2002

"Colin, you are a Gifted Communicator, with great attention to careful thought and planning in your presentations. Your messages were inspiring, and it was a pleasure to sit under you during these presentations. Thank you for sharing this Gift with all of us."  Darren Kittell, Senior Minister, Ballarat Church Of Christ, Victoria 2002

" What did the weekend do for me...I saw unconditional love demonstrated...I was encouraged to take risks...I saw that everyone has a story...Why did I, in a split moment of time, step over, and decide to dance? Gentle encouragement from you, Colin, because I sensed I could trust, I felt safe, and I went for it! It was a magic moment, and it changed me forever...It released me, freeing, the fear was conquered...I felt like a butterfly had peeked out, and emerged from a cocoon...From Crisis to cocoon to Creation...I have begun to live a new life, I will never be the same again, this is another stage of my resurrection from the dead...When I awoke the first morning after the Conference, I really experienced JOY, and I had this sense of being out of bondage and into liberty...In my reading that morning, I read these words from Philemon, verse 7 and that said, " For I have derived much joy and comfort from your love, my brother, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed through you."...  Your messages were real, practical, sound advice, not all theology, but from the journey of experience and from the heart...The weekend was worth all the effort, it was awesome, amazing and inspirational! So as the grave clothes keep coming off, my prayer is that I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN, on an ever increasing experience of reality...I believe your ministry, has touched a much needed and necessary ministry, but then your experience has certainly shown you, that I know..." Victorian Participant...Elanora Heights NSW 2001    

"Colin, your presentations were very hope filled, very challenging, inspiring re: my future." Singles Conference 2004

"Colin, your messages were honest, poignant and totally inspired that really spoke to me deeply." Kurrajong 2004

"Fantastic! I appreciated how the message was so clear and straight to the point - a real challenge to take away...Thanks Colin." Nowra 2007

" Very helpful, practical, thoughtful and to the point." Waterslea 2007

"Particularly enjoyed the maturity and wisdom session...Gems in all sessions to take with me." Nowra 2007

"Very well spoken and left me thinking - some things that were said I needed to hear." Waterslea 2007

"Really took a lot away from Sundays session...Very much enjoyed Colin's speaking." Waterslea 2007

" Great messages, encouraging." Waterslea 2007

" Logical, practical advice, bible/scripture verses very useful."  Waterslea 2007

" Fantastic teaching, great notes...If we put all these things into practice we would be more fulfilled and rounded people." Waterslea 2007

" Insightful and strategic material to reflect on and apply to the journey ahead." Nowra 2007

" Excellent...encouraging...Meaty, lots of good and helpful info." Waterslea 2007

"What a blessing he is...God spoke to me through him." Waterslea 2007

"Really good, nice touches of humour at the right moment." Nowra 2007

" What can I say?? Wonderful...Talks well researched, and Brilliant...Spot On, relevant and easily understood." Waterslea 2007

" Excellent...Lifetime experiences imparted to use, in such a short time." Waterslea 2007

" A great, informative and challenging speaker." Waterslea 2007

" Uplifting...Great!" Singles Happening 2007

" Has opened my eyes and heart to the tools I need to carry out my rekindled relationship with my Lord...THANK YOU COLIN."        Waterslea 2007

" Found Colin's talk on Dating and Relating very thought provoking,  not about what I would like in a partner but would I be a good partner." 2009

" Fabulous, inspirational and especially Colin's talk on Unlocking the Door of Resentment!" 2009

" I have heard many sermons on marriage, but this is the first teaching I have ever had on Dating...Thank You! And the practical steps for forgiveness a GODSEND!" 2010

" Session on Living with Passion-Great!" 2010

"Living with Integrity spoke to me deeply." 2010


Some Biographical information regarding Colin Murdoch follows:

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  • Colin was a Chaplain and Member of the Pastoral Care Team at world renowned Peter McCallum Cancer Institute and Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, while doing Supervised Clinical Pastoral Education...
  • Has ministered in 5 Churches in Victoria and NSW with varying membership sizes of 50,100, 100, 500 & 2,500, and accumulated extensive experience in the Leadership, Management and Care of up to 2,500 Volunteers, which included 3 years with Wesley Mission; where he recruited and deployed more than 500 new Volunteers per annum; due to the phenomenal growth Wesley Mission was experiencing...
  • His Inspirational story of overcoming setbacks, adversity, and a grave miscarriage of justice, has inspired many thousands throughout Australia and the USA!
  • He has Highly Developed and Superior Visionary Servant Leadership, Management, Pastoral Care, Counselling and Organisational Skills, and is committed to Excellence and Quality in Ministry...He is totally committed to the Biblical Concept of Equipping Laity/Volunteers for works of service and mission in the local Church and Christian Organisations; in order to fulfil the Great Commission and the Great Commandment...For in the end: Developing a Loving Relationship with God as your Personal Lord and Saviour, and Loving Others; is what Really Matters Most and will Make A Difference!
  • Colin is a Life Long Learner ...He has overcome a number of major obstacles in his life with courage, a sense of humour, determination and persistence, and has learned just as much from his failures, hurts, and setbacks in life, as he has from many positive significant successes...

Any costs involved in Consultancy or Speaking  Engagements are normally kept to a minimum and go directly back to  


PONDERING: "Philippians 2:3-5 says: 'Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others...Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus."
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